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The tools, inspiration & knowledge you need to live a creative life as an interior designer.

Let's straighten out your interior design business.

The Design Society will help you:

  • Create an interior design business that is creative and profitable.
  • Recharge your creativity by feeling inspired.
  • Save time, money and energy by understanding how to run an interior design business.
  • Keep on top of the latest suppliers, software, trends and events.

Who's here?

Basically, The Design Society is a small group of AWESOME interior designers. 

  • Interior designers, decorators, stylists.
  • Second career designers that want to fast-track their business.
  • Seasoned designers that want to level up and be even more profitable.
  • Emerging designers that want to skip the costly mistakes.
  • Busy designers that want to know honest, valuable advice and fast.
  • We're here for the 'action-takers' but we will give you a gentle nudge along the way too if you need it.

knowledge. support. community


Ready to get started?

Consider The Design Society your personalized learning platform. Tailor your access to information to align seamlessly with your bustling schedule.

Successful Business Season - Group Mentoring

In The Design Society each month we dive into a new topic to help run your business. It's a small online community of seasoned and emerging designers. Confidence, Fees, Money and creativity are the first topics for 2024. Click below to learn more.

Hi there, I'm Lauren Li

The Design Society is founded by me, Lauren Li. I'm a fully qualified interior designer with a Bachelor or Arts of Interior Design and an Advanced Diploma of Interior Design. Beside running a successful interior design practice sisällä, I am driven to share my 20 years of knowledge working as an interior designer in Melbourne and London, with others. 

When we share, it elevates the interior design industry and we can all do our best work, and be more profitable. I want that for you too!

The Design Society isn't all about me though! I am always inviting experts and designers in to share their knowledge with us.

Learn about our software courses, one-on-one mentoring, design days and other fun things back over here.

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